A downloadable game for Windows

Development has been stopped on this game. It's unpolished, but still playable though :)

March 8, 2018 Update
What's new? Mouse controls added!

= MOUSE CURSOR or LEFT / RIGHT or A / D  to move launcher left and right
=  RIGHT CLICK, UP, or W to launch a bubble
= LEFT CLICK, SPACE, DOWN, or S to switch current bubble to a clear bubble (if available)

= Match 3 bubbles of the same colour to customer orders
= Matching 3 chilis (purple) will pause customers temporarily
= Black bubbles turn into whatever colour they first touch
= Matching bubbles outside of customer orders will fill up your clear bubble gauge
= Once the gauge is filled you can use DOWN to use it, clear bubbles clear an area of bubbles and pause customers temporarily
= Keep matching bubbles to keep your combo going and raise your multiplier


CookCookBoom.zip 22 MB