A downloadable game for Windows

Art by JoJo Lu
Programming by Zachary Mack
Made for Fall Game Jam 2017, theme of towers

You can also view the artwork assets made for the game here.

1. Use W/A/S/D to move selection cursor in battle, or move camera after enemies defeated.

2. Select Move or Attack buttons to move and attack enemies within range.  Hit ENTER to confirm the cursor choice

3. If within range, square pathway will be green. For attacking, choose a square within the red radius.

4. After defeating all enemies in a room, use U/H/J/K to move players to the next room.

Although Zach isn't interested in working on this further, if time in the future allows, I may look into developing the game further based on the mini design doc.


Tower_of_Skaor_Alpha.zip 17 MB
TowerofSkaor_designdoc.pdf 550 kB