Steal your opponent's slug in LAS Studio's first collaborative!
Note: Just a selection screen, not an actual game.

Keyboard Controls
F in the chat to full screen
W/S to cycle through fighters for P1
UP/DOWN ARROWS to cycle through fighters for P2
SPACE alternative control to switch between P1 and P2 selection for mouse

Felix by banditjoj (that's me)
Pine & Compa by SugarBeetles
FooFon by BuniraPuni
Sashimi by Jason
Mr. Mustard by Thaane
Incubus by waifu
Venus by kringle
Ailes by Aerce
Naamah by Rad
FOX! by Nilm
Edelriess by Ririn
Willy by disco
Piper Bonger by Naf
The Kungpao Chick by Nemori
Earl Grey by Nirest
WILD THING by Chooby
Quackhead by j
Cornelia by Pawn
Lettuce by Cool Dude
Smokey Merchant by Stutter
Music is Dubber2 from DL Sounds
SFX is Blip_C_04 by cabled_mess
Programming, UI, and Logo done by yours truly

Authorjojo lu
Made withUnity